Welcome to my food world.

After almost 24 years of living with food allergies, I am happy to finally share with the world the way I eat.

I do not view food as simply a source of energy.  Eating is something that some view as surviving; for a Bubble Child like me, it is about THRIVING.  Delighting in those dishes that seem like I would never be able to enjoy.  Making my own substitutions for things I was told I could never enjoy online gaming.  Experimenting with flavors, textures, spices, herbs, and ingredients that are anything but common place but oh SO common sense after you simply give them a try!

Bubble Child will be my online refuge where I can document my experimentations in this alternative LoL food world.

So, prepare for some gluten-, nut-, dairy- and many-other-things- free delights in the next upcoming months/years/until WordPress becomes completely obsolete.

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First post: done.


First dish: to come soon.  REAL soon.

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