In a world where we get upset when the internet on our phones is taking too long because it is literally going up to space and back with the tap of a screen, I would say it’s safe to say we’re a little impatient.  Or at least “on the go”.

For Bubble Children, those grab-and-go foods aren’t exactly fueling when they can either (a) kill you, (b) make you bloated and slower, or (c) cause some sort of skin rash that will require more time to fix than it would have taken to simply eat a decent meal.

While I am a huge proponent for slow eating, and savoring food, there are times when you’ve gotta suck it up and just get something in you for fuel.

This is why I love ENERPRO ENERGY BARS.  They are minimally processed, contain none of the 10 most-common allergens, use organic ingredients, and have a healthy balance of non-refined carbohydrates, protein, and the good fats to keep your Bubble Child self, well, bubbly!

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