EUROnspiration: HARPOON CIDER and a crepe

In line with the “EUROnspiration” nature of my current food musings, please note the succinct bliss of my mid-afternoon bite to eat in Paris this past Friday:

I’d like to consider this the meal of the domestic pirate.  There is just something about cider that makes me think “Ahoy!” and, at the same time, really crave a crepe.  Which is not exactly sea-faring food.  Blame it on France’s Brittany (Bretagne), where this delectable tradition took root, and then blame it on your taste buds for thinking about it all of the time.  (Or is that just me?!)

Lucky us: we don’t have to travel to Brittany, Paris, or anywhere in France, for that matter, to have our crepe and cider for lunch.  I have fallen madly in love(ish) with a new brand of cider: HARPOON CIDER.  It really is more of a “brut” cider, meaning that it does not have tons of added sugar and is not terribly sweet.  For the crepe?  Check out the good ole’ Bubble Child recipe here: Holy Crepe!

Now, build a Jardins du Luxembourg on your right, and you will have the scene above in no time.  🙂

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