how to filet a fish

I am going to paint some scenarios where this could be useful to you, knowing how to fillet a fish:

1. You’re on a tropical vacation with a gorgeous man, deep sea fishing in Mexico.  You return after a day in the hot sun to your cabana where he faints of hunger.  You filet the fish, cook it over an open fire with a mojito in hand, and wake him up with the most tender piece of gently cooked fish you’ve ever tasted.  He thanks you well.

2. You’re stranded in a forest where you’ve found the rock of eternal life.  It says you can receive the knowledge of its powers if and only if you live in the forest for a month without leaving it.  The rivers are replete with fresh trout.  You are surrounded by fresh herbs and berries, and this is going to be your diet.  At the end of the month, you find out what this life is all about.  Because you ate fish.

3. You want to make sure that the fish you’re eating is of good quality, is not too old, and you want to save money.  You buy a whole fish at the supermarket, your local fish monger, or a farmer’s market.  You don’t need to worry about food poisoning or smelly fish, and you’re happy because consciously you’ve used all of the animal you’re eating that you could, and you handled it with respect.

Ummmm, I think that number 3 will apply to the majority of you, but please write me if 1 or 2 occur.  Really, though, if you’re going to eat meat, you might as well know where it comes from.  And better yet, perhaps you’ll want to understand the part of the animal you’re eating!  A good way to do that?  Butcher it yourself.

While I doubt that many of you will go out and bring home a cow to break down into fillets, ribs, and shoulder pieces, a fish is a good way to start.

To fillet a fish is not that hard!  And it allows you to verify the freshness of the meat you’re eating.  I think we can all agree that a bad fish is a bad fish.  So, make sure the eyes are fresh looking (sadly fresh, think, oh my goodness is this still alive-fresh), and the flesh is firm.  You’ll also save money.  Ethical and economical.  Sold.

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