how to chiffonade herbs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!! This is the last intentionally green-colored video I’m going to publish for this month. I can’t make any promises that the remaining few weeks will not host a little bit of chlorophyll, but I do know that you cannot have pinched me leading up to today.

Here’s a Bubble Child Basics video on how to chiffonade herbs. This is a technique that is really useful to cut thin ribbons out of greenery, but also out of things that are in sheets, like prosciutto or caramelized rinds of orange. What’s fabulous about this technique is not only the uniformity of the cuts but also the avoidance of bruising your herbs. I’m sure you’ve noticed when you cut up basil it gets a bit black… this avoids all that!

Get your white apron and hat ready, ’cause it’s getting all French technique up in here.


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