a lazy 4th of July cake

4th-of-july-cake-cutThere are some, and bless you, who have every holiday planned out to a “T”.  Your ingredients are bought 3 days before, you know what dessert is being served at X hour, your iced tea mint leaves are already in perfect chiffonade.

Then, there are some like, well, yours truly.  We wake up and say, “Ah, oh right, it’s my country of origin’s birthday.”  And then the train of thought stops and moves onto other things, like how your cat slept that night, how amazing it is that nail polish remains on your hands for a maximum of 3 days, why the eggs you scrambled when you were younger were so runny, etc, etc…

4th-of-july-jules-cakeAnd perhaps some of that monkey-brained lingo would be parlayed into the fact that I currently live in France, and hence have a hubby (pictured above) who is of Parisian origin and BBQ doesn’t (yet) ring words of fancy in his ears.  Or perhaps it’s because any American bar I saw today was starting to put up decorations at 5 p.m.  (no joke…)

So, my American flag cake planning was swindled to a minimum, and I am not complaining, because life is full of lazy surprises.  This inspiration being one of them.

4th-of-july-cake-wholeThe lavishly decorated vegan cake you see above was adorned with ingredients that I found in my pantry, and I imagine many of you have at home, as well.  You don’t need to go to a pastry specialty store, and you can get your red, white, and blue on at home.  🙂

MUSING! 4th of July Cake:

1. Make a cake in whatever form and flavor you want… let it cool to room temp.

2. Top it with your favorite white frosting, coconut cream (see my video here for what that is), or whipped cream.

3. Sprinkle it with rows of the magic ingredients: (a) paprika and (b) poppy seeds.

Ta daaaaa… natural, pretty, and easy.  Like fireworks, but, actually, completely unrelated besides their intermingling with a specific holiday’s colors.


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  1. Hi i dont know if you read this but can you please help me i want your book but i cant buy it in iran :((( please help me i love your recipes soo soo much bessssst!!!

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