creamy cabbage and pumpkin seed salad

There are just times when it’s gotta be fast.  And this is one of them… both with the video and the salad, and I’m totally cool with it.

Here’s a lil’ quickie on one of my go-to all-year round salads.  It is, however, mighty fine for a summer picnic.  🙂



3 thoughts on “creamy cabbage and pumpkin seed salad

  1. Hi i dont know if you read this but can you help me with tour cookbook i really want it but i live in iran and cant have it or pay for it im beging you pla help me i love your recipes so much and want to see new ones!!! Is there a chance i can have it in pdf i know its so rude to ask for sth like this but i dont know any other way :(((((( love you so so much

      1. oh just seen this :'( i really want your book but really cant have it cuz i live in iran i wish i could have it as a pdf its like a dream 😀 love ya xx

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