how to filet a whole chicken

…because if you know how to filet the half chicken, you already know how to do the whole.

Here’s a little video I promised to present when I published the video for my Gluten-Free Chicken Fingers.  Yeah, it’s got cutting up a dead animal involved.  Yeah, it’s pretty sad you can stretch out its wings.  But, if you’re making the choice to eat chicken, because it is of course a choice to do so, you might as well know where it comes from and what it looks like before it’s golden and breaded on your plate.

I like buying whole chickens when I can for several reasons:

1. You get more out of it for your money — it’s almost twice the price per weight when you buy the already-butchered filets!

2. You can use the carcass for stock.  (Another video on that coming this Fall.)

3. You’re more in touch with what you’re eating, and will probably eat less of it once you see how many chickens it takes to get a basket full of chicken wings, strips, or nuggets!

…that is, unless you’re McDonald’s and it’s not even 100% chicken in said nuggets.  But, I can’t say I’m really privvy to their practices as with all the bad in the world I’ll prefer to avoid as much of it as I can.  😛

So, enjoy and prosper from this quick and easy video on how to get the filets off a chicken, as well as its legs.  Tell me your thoughts and what you end up doing with those filets!

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