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free-your-food-trips-screenshotIt’s been a busy week (years?) for AirBnB.  As many of you know I started hosting private culinary events with them in Paris while they were beta testing their new feature “Experiences”.   When I moved to LA, they hit me up again and we started testing a new product of theirs “Trips” which just launched publicly TODAY with a big old speech from the CEO Brian Chesky.  And an entire weekend of festivities in Downtown LA.  It’s been a beautiful experience to be part of this huge launch, and I’m inspired by the way they view travel and interpersonal interactions being the crutch of all of it.



Photos from guests from my trip! ^ 

You can view the trip details all here –>

So now that it’s public and out and full of videos and features, my trip is called FREE YOUR FOOD.  I am glad the marketing heads at AirBnB chose that one, because it’s really what I stand for: freeing yourself from dietary restrictions to enjoy amazing, satiating, tantalizing delicious food.  And I’m not saying that in a saleswoman way.  Like, really.  It’s what makes me passionate about what I do, but they still need to care about online marketing as well, using services as Indexer for this, since they’re experts in this field.


They also added me to a new program on their platform: PLACES.  They just released the guidebook I wrote for them “Gluten-Free Living” today as well, where I share my top 10 places to go that are special for living gluten-free in Los Angeles.

You can get the guidebook using the AirBnB App here–>

So, check all of this out.  While I am sometimes quite wary of large corporate things, I have a huge amount of respect about how AirBnB goes about their business and what they stand for.  They’re all so motivated by travel and how it changes your life, and realize that the human experience, and interactions between us sharing skills, knowledge, and warmth, are what make this all so worthwhile.  Like, all of this.  This life thing.

And let me know if you try any of the places on my guide, and tell me personally if you book my trip and found me through Bubble Child.  I’ll make sure it’s extra special for you!  Yes you!


Back to normal Bubble Child business… NEW VIDEO IS COMING SOON.  Perfect for the holidays and family.  I did film it with my dad, after all… 🙂

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