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EpiPen Rage

Most of you might follow me because of my gluten-free recipes, or because you watch Tastemade on snapchat, or because you’re just trying to eat healthier.  But the reason why I even started documenting my cooking was because I’m someone with very deadly food allergies and I wanted to show you ways to make recipes nut-free and dairy-free.  I actually discovered my gluten intolerance developing the recipes for the first Bubble Child cook book!

You see, I have a really bad nut allergy — one that almost took my life when I was 10 after eating a Brazil Nut.  Since I had to read the ingredients lists of everything I ate starting at a very young age, it certainly spawned a desire to make everything from scratch, which I think is one of the strong points of the recipes I share with you, but it isn’t something that is always light.  It can be very difficult and very heavy when it’s not just a “diet” that makes you avoid food — it’s a question of life and death.

1epipenI am a bit outraged right now and it’s related to the cost of Epi-Pens.  The Epi-Pen is the life-saving device that injects epinephrine into my bloodstream if I were to eat a trace of nut and started having an allergic reaction.  This would give me the 15 minutes I would need to get the hospital before it was too late.  Epi-Pens are not a luxury good for people with food allergies (or any allergy), they’re a necessity.

For instance, let’s say someone at a restaurant had handled Brazil Nuts before plating, say, a gluten-free sandwich for me and some of that just happened to get inside my sandwich and I didn’t notice it before taking a bite.  That allergy is so bad for me that it is literally just the Epi-Pen that would give me the (only) 15 minutes to get to the hospital before my body stopped functioning.  It’s really really important for me to have on hand.

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vegan chocolate chip pancakes

I am delighted I asked you lovely things on snapchat what recipes you wanted me to make, because more than one of you said pancakes (were you conspiring?) and so, voila: here are some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my life, if I do say.  I will say so.  They’re oddly good.


And surprisingly vegan and gluten-free.  Don’t say anything and the person you’re eating with probably won’t even know. 😉

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stone fruit sangria

This is a perfect summertime drinking quickie of a video.  It replicates about how long it takes to make the beverage.  And hopefully is not drunk quite as quickly.

cut-up-stone-fruit“Stone fruit” sounds so fancy.  I love how it includes all fruits I want to eat all the time but make their way into our mouths only during the warmer months.  Peaches, nectarines, plums are so perfect in sangria, and while a lot of sangria is made with apples and oranges, to me that sounds counterproductive since those are not fruits naturally found in summer and our pitted friends are! Read more


sunshine cookies

Today we’re getting ridiculously cute.

plated-sunshine-cookieI first made “Sunshine Cookies” when I was living in a tiny apartment with my little brother in the East Village in NYC in 2011 (old post here –>  There were many Indian markets nearby on 1st Ave. and I suppose I’d just discovered turmeric and how much it dyes everything, desirable or not, so why not dye my cookies.  And yellow just screams sunshine and smiles to me.

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amara kitchen highland park

my favorite places to eat and drink GF in Highland Park

el huarache azteca foodLos Angeles is not a normal “city”.  The very concept of the origin of city was a metropolis, a city center, an existence more vertical and centralized than horizontal.  Of course, with population growth and this phenomenon called gentrification all cities are getting a bit more wide than tall and lanky, but this is nothing new for LA.  It was started this way.

sunset magazine vintage1960sLA was actually more of a marketing ploy than anything in its birth.  It’s actually a desert.  Life shouldn’t really exist here in the mass that it does.  Publications like Sunset Magazine boasted the promise of settling new land, having space to let your “id” run wild, having a place to plant your orange trees in your own backyard and roads to drive your own car in.  In fact, Los Angeles was one of the first towns to have public transportation, but since it developed right at the invention of the automobile, and of course trends are trends, they immediately converted these trolley lines into highways.  Thanks guys.  Thanks.  I love driving in 5 p.m. traffic.

trolley los angeles 1902Basically, Los Angeles was founded upon people’s quests to be more private, to have their suburban life in a metropolis.  To film movies at all times of the year, to profit from agriculture that would be constantly nourished by the sun (and artificial abundance of water), and to spread wide in house-lined neighborhoods.  This sprawl is not surprising.  It is curated and still felt today.  For a city, it can be really distant.  It can be isolating, unless you know where to look.  Which is why I chose today to write about my new neighborhood, one that I love, and one that I didn’t even know existed until leaving Paris earlier this year. Read more