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halloween cookies

screen-shot-2014-10-31-at-5-09-44-pmHappy Halloween Bubble Children!  It has been some time, and we have had many exciting projects in the works here at Bubble Child headquarters!  (Hence the months-long absence.)  The new web-site is about reading to be shared, and the first episodes of the Bubble Child cooking show have been shot and I am rather thrilled to share with you first!

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new GF beer obsession: I WISH

Mikkeller – this dude is a beer prodigy.  It’d be like if Beethoven had started playing piano when he was deaf, and was that good.  Some people’s callings show up at odd times, and this beermaker’s started when he was teaching kids math.

What started out as home experiments in brewing turned into one of the best line of craft beers on the market.  They’re not given — a little steep in price due to the artisanal nature and quality — but I’d rather have one of these than 12 of the others.  (Who am I kidding, I can’t even have 12 beers at a time!)

This is hands-down the best gluten-free IPA I’ve ever discovered.  For those gluten-free and gluten-full, if you like hops, try this beer.  Really.

we’re back

potato basket salad pesto fish purple potato pureeHello Bubble Children,

You may have wondered where your allergenically challenged blogging buddy has been for the past several months.  I have been burning myself and eating far too much “studying” to complete the Grand Diplome program in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu.  (Yeah Julia Child’s school… although us Americans are the only ones who really mention that there.  They’ve got more important things to tell us about, like French food.)

After getting a more unusual “cap and gown” than I have received in years past, I am ready to Cordon Bleu Gradautioncontinue working at the michelin-starred Le Pur’ restaurant in the Park Hyatt Place Vendome, which I have been doing extra work at during schooling.  It’d be safe to understate it as “inspiring” for recipe writing!

Thank you for your patience, and let’s turn those food allergies a bit gourmet, non?

Look out for recipes this week… starting with the recipe for the plate at the top of this post.  (GF, nut-free, lactose-light with modifications)

BUBBLE CHILD THE COOKBOOK is now available online!! screenshot Bubble ChildIt is with my utmost pleasure to tell you that you can now get BUBBLE CHILD THE COOKBOOK online.

petite bubblesFor over 200 pages of recipes, anecdotes, photography, “About Allergies”, cooking tips, and gluten-, nut-, dairy-, soy-, corn-, and egg-free ingredients:

Flip through it at here: Bubble Child at Amazon

Get it direct through the publisher here: Bubble Child through CreateSpace

Enjoy!  And happy eating.

smiling with fork

Bubble Child THE COOKBOOK is here!!

Bubble Child cookbook…and will be available to order online in less than a week!

Consider “Bubble Child” the BLOG the rough draft for Bubble Child peaNOT butter cookiesthe COOKBOOK.

Satisfy your entire palette with over 200 pages of allergy-free recipes (the vast majority of which have never been published on this site) and photographs* for every meal of the day (“Meat My Bubble”, “Graindiose Bubbles”, “Baked Bubble”, “Petite Bubbles”, “Sugar Pop” and “Good Morning”).

Poulet RotiYou’ll also find “Bubble Basics” where you can find fun things like making your own flax seed milk from scratch, preparing bread, preserves, frosting, dressings, stock, several variations of peanut butter substitute, and even a perfected version of “Notella– nut- and lactose-free.

Every recipe is marked where it has potential lingering allergens with some symbols that magically appeared in this book (so much better than color-BC codescoding) to allow the most severe of Bubble Children to enjoy each and every plate served.  If your cooking technique is rockier than Sylvester Stallone, don’t worry!  There is a full “Ten Basics for Your Bubble Child Kitchen” in the front as well as a several-page cooking terms, technique, and ingredients “Glossary” in the back immediately following the “About Allergies” section by Joanna Pawlowska.

All recipes are nut- and gluten-free, with dairy-, soy-, corn-, egg-, and pizzashellfish/fish-free modifications.  Every photo you see and every recipe written comes from my Bubble Child kitchen, where I have been actively experimenting with “taboo” recipes for this book since 2009, and uses real allergy-free ingredients.  (Meaning: you will see no glue subbing for milk in these photos, or any other hocus pocus!)


While you will be able to search for it and order it online at within days, it will be cheaper here on this site. …really, really soon.

bubble child kitchenIt’s ready for you!!!

*Bubble Child got lucky with some noteworthy food photography from American Apparel Lauren Jane Berger with the Bubble Child forkphotographer Carl Lindstrom and Inge Christopher photographer Lauren Jane Berger.  They were fun to feed (see Miss Berger at right).–>

I am so happy to be able to (finally!) share my Bubble Child kitchen with you and your food allergic loved ones with this bound-paper piece of my heart.

Pop the Bubble,

Viva la Child.