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quick blackberry preserves

Portland was a-callin’.  I have a strangely soft spot in my heart for the Pacific Northwest.  Rain, superfluous hipster demographics, and slow driving aside, it’s a great place, and was a stupendous place for my dear friend Annie to have her wedding last week.

portland-windowbug-hidden-in-treesI’d made an intelligent choice of staying in my own private accomodations in an AirBnB (except for when the people staying in the house above me woke me up in the morning with their, uh, excessive cuddling) and therefore was able to sneak in a few minutes to film a quickie for y’all in between the wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and, ya know, enjoying a city a little bit that I once lived in.

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homemade tomatillo salsa

You know you live in Los Angeles when if you have not had at least 6 decent tacos in a week, well, you’re probably in a coma.  And dreaming of tacos in said coma.

taco abs

As someone who eats gluten-free, tacos are not only a cheap and easy one of the most delicious (yes cheap) things to find for lunch or dinner or after drinks munchy food, but they’re EVERYWHERE.  And so damn good and authentic.

So, let’s say you’re not on a liquid-incited rampage to find grub and you are choosing the civilized route to tacos in a taqueria.  You will notice, in proper establishments, that there are a variety of salsas and topping to choose from: radishes, chipotle, limes, pico de gallo, and then this salsa that is green and kind of looks like a runny guacamole but you know it’s not because you had to pay $2 for your side of guacamole already.  What is that?

That, my friends, is tomatillo.  And it’s delicious.

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perfect guac & banana chips

guac-and-banana-chipsbanana-chips-in-tubA friend I made in Joshua Tree recently told me that, “It’s not what you put into your mouth, but what comes out of it.”

While I completely agree, it is certainly cyclical the relation between me putting things in my mouth and the thoughts that come out.  For instance, sometimes when I eat corn, I wake up the next day bloated as if I were punched in the face.

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my 3 favorite homemade vegan sauces & dips

Well, here’s a hello from very sunny California today.  It’s legitimate shorts weather.  Not that spotty sun “shorts weather” where you look like you’re wearing micro fishnets because of your goosebumps.  You can’t lie to yourself here: this is full throttle sweat-in-your-jean-pants kinda hot.  I’m feelin’ it. I can´t wait to get started with these recipes in my brand new home. If you want to know how I decided on where to buy my new home, then the tip is to live within 15 miles of your home-town.


And so it’s the perfect kind of climate for me to share these three sauce recipes with you.  They’re so light and are perfect for summer flavors and proteins.  (They’re all vegan and gluten-free!)

I feel like my videos have been a bit complicated lately (what’s new) but I really wanted to hone in on the basics this time.  Sauces are important basics, because they (a) are one of the most fundamental kitchen techniques in French cuisine and (b) make all of your other basics taste good in every other cuisine.  What useful little guys.

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Gluten-Free Cheerios Fried Chicken (w/creamy poblano sauce; DF GF)

I did something that I never thought I’d ever do: I breaded chicken with Cheerios.  Might sound unconventional, but again, when have dishes on my channel been too “normal”?  And I guess it’s a sacrifice of what’s typical for taste.  …which is not a sacrifice at all in my book.

Cheerios are now gluten-free, as you may have seen from my last recipe post and video, and I am delighted to partner with them for these two recipes.  When I was contemplating what recipes to do I knew I wanted one to be savory… to use the sweetness of the oats from Cheerios in a main dish to add some crispiness and warm flavors.  Turns out they make a mean breading.


Like, terribly good.

The breading recipe is pretty darn easy and I accompanied it with a dairy-free roasted poblano cream sauce.  This sauce is inspired from when I cooked at Mextiza, a James Beard award-winning Mexican restaurant in Portland, OR.  The chef would have us roast the poblano peppers directly over the fire of the burners until black all over, put them in a covered bowl to make the skins easier to remove, wipe off the skins, and then slice them into thin strips before reducing them with cream and epazote.

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