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Apple & Blackberry GF Cheerios Crumble

It’s safe to say that being back in the States, I am becoming re-acquainted with some old comforts, and surprised by them as well.  One of these suuuper classic food “hugs” is Cheerios.  I don’t know too many people who frown when they think of Cheerios.  They’re perfectly puffy, their little circle form is weirdly cute, and they’re kind of sweet, but not too much.  They’re, like, the cutest breakfast food.

Which is why when I found out that many flavors of Cheerios are naturally gluten-free, I was super excited by the idea to partner with them.  And now, my dear friends, I get to reveal to you what that partnership looks like.  I wish I could beam over a sample to directly show you what it tastes like, but I suppose you’ll just have to make the recipe. Read more

gluten free & vegan OREOS

I’m on an oreo kick right now.  Perhaps it’s the heat and no air conditioning getting to my head, perhaps it’s the fact that these things are just… delicious.  I don’t know, but this recipe is on repeat (times repeat times repeat) in this household.  So much so that I have to share.  Now.  So I can make more to eat.

chocolate-batter-oreosgluten-free-oreosThe fun thing about making your own oreos is, well, I should say: here are the fun THINGS about making your own oreos: Read more

CANDIDA ALBICANS & low-glycemic desserts

coconut-flourWhy, oh why, should we care about the glycemic levels of our foods?  When I was young(er) I fathomed it was more linked to type 2 diabetes and waist lines.  Turns out, having a high level of sugar in your blood stream is a lot more than that. If you have diabetes, you should check out this diabetes specialist tampa.

A problem I recently encountered, and a very un-fun one that results from having too much sugar and caffeine is an overgrowth of yeast in the intestines, called candida albicans.  It’s a pretty brutal thing to rid yourself of, and after 6 months of eating a virtually sugar and caffeine-free diet (no booze, no booze ahhhh) I am now on a round of anti-fungals to hopefully knock it out.  Fingers super crossed.

alcoholic beverage prohibited Read more

homemade fennel crackers (vegan & GF)

plated-millet-crackersWhile the title of this post might seem very angelic, it was because I wanted to consume chicken liver mousse, avocado, and fatty fish and coconut fat that made me construct a rustic cracker this morning.  I’m certainly not putting something dry on my vegan cracker.  (I guess that’s why they have such a positive association!  Crackers, that is… they always get topped with something rich.)

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chicken liver mousse

This recipe is one that has stuck with me through cities, climates, and languages. Traditionally, chicken liver mousse is a bit of a heavier thing, albeit healthy due to the livers, as it is replete with cream and egg and butter. This recipe is a gluten and dairy free chicken liver mousse that would be shocking not to please.

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