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free your food

free-your-food-trips-screenshotIt’s been a busy week (years?) for AirBnB.  As many of you know I started hosting private culinary events with them in Paris while they were beta testing their new feature “Experiences”.   When I moved to LA, they hit me up again and we started testing a new product of theirs “Trips” which just launched publicly TODAY with a big old speech from the CEO Brian Chesky.  And an entire weekend of festivities in Downtown LA.  It’s been a beautiful experience to be part of this huge launch, and I’m inspired by the way they view travel and interpersonal interactions being the crutch of all of it.



Photos from guests from my trip! ^ 

You can view the trip details all here –> http://www.airbnb.com/experiences/46

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sunshine cookies

Today we’re getting ridiculously cute.

plated-sunshine-cookieI first made “Sunshine Cookies” when I was living in a tiny apartment with my little brother in the East Village in NYC in 2011 (old post here –> http://www.bubblechild.com/2011/08/22/sunshine-cookies/).  There were many Indian markets nearby on 1st Ave. and I suppose I’d just discovered turmeric and how much it dyes everything, desirable or not, so why not dye my cookies.  And yellow just screams sunshine and smiles to me.

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rosemary banana bread (GF, vegan)

banana-bread-on-slateholding-lavender-in-gardenI can’t say that I’ve become addicted to bananas.  I really cannot.  But here’s a (trivial) fact: 3 out of my past 5 posts have contained them.  Perhaps it’s the warm weather.  Or perhaps it’s because bananas are convenient (for some odd reason, thanks foreign exchange) and delicious.

And oddly useful in baking.

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Vanilla Mint Cake (DF, GF, low-glycemic)

full-cake-with-slice-out-of-it pouring-ganache-onto-cakeIt’s like, when you’re late, you always run into traffic, drop your purse on the way out, accidentally forget your jacket at home and have to turn around, etc.  For me, when I’m late, it’s like, “Oh, why don’t I MAKE A CAKE.”  Seriously.

It would make me seem a much more sane human being if this was some cute anecdote, but alas, it is not, and I was terribly late for a meeting this morning, and chose that after going for a run making a cake was a better idea to stay late for said meeting than even taking a shower.

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Au revoir, la France. Bonjour, Los Angeles.

jardin du luxembourg 2007Me and my Paris roommate, Laurie, at Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, 2007.

France, you had me at “bonjour” with your silky wines, crusty baguettes (that I ultimately cannot eat), smelly cheese (again, don’t eat anymore), and beautiful men (I’m married, so, again, now off limits.)

Damnit, what’s left for me here?!!

Ah, shall we call it no coincidence, then, that I’m leaving?  Not really —  I can still drink the wine, and that in itself is good enough to make a girl stay.

champs elysess drinking wineA student’s version of enjoying wine on the Champs Elysées, Paris, 2007.

I’m leaving because there comes a time when it’s evident that something has run its course, and that is exactly what I am feeling being in France today.

in front of la sorbonneMe with my roommates outside of our school, La Sorbonne, Paris, 2007.

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