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baked spiced zucchini fritters

spices-added-to-zucchini-frittersbaked-zucchini-frittersIf vegetables tasted this good when I was younger, I don’t even know how much taller I would have been.

Do vegetables make you taller?

I guess I wouldn’t have known, given my infantile affinity for diet soda and cake.  I’m simply happy I surpassed 5 feet.  (Barely.) Read more

chicken liver mousse

This recipe is one that has stuck with me through cities, climates, and languages. Traditionally, chicken liver mousse is a bit of a heavier thing, albeit healthy due to the livers, as it is replete with cream and egg and butter. This recipe is a gluten and dairy free chicken liver mousse that would be shocking not to please.

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millet cakes w/ the simple works

finished-millet-cake-on-balconyThey’re pretty.  They’re healthy.  They’re gluten-free and laden with the good fats.  They’ll help you digest, and they look nice with a glass of champagne at holiday parties.

I was inspired by ALOHA’s healthy ingredients during this holiday madness.  (Great recipes here!)  I wanted a healthy portable nom nom to bring along to end of the year potlucks.  I wanted something of Mexican-inspiration, but not spicy.  Something sweet, but low in sugar.  Something savory, bite-size, replete with freshness yet luscious.

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tiny date goat cheese balls

tinylittledateballsEntertaining can be so lovely and so limiting sometimes.  I guess we could compare it to karate — perhaps you don’t want to make too many hits but the ones you do should be more effective, no?

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