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tropical tangerine jam

When life gives you tangerines, well… I mean that’s not really so bitter as life giving you lemons, but when it’s this many tangerines, you’ve gotta do something with it!  So, you see, I’m now mother of a beautiful, ridiculously fertile tangerine tree in my backyard.  It’s boreth many fruit.

tangerines-in-bowltangerine-jam-platedAnd now I’m literally climbing in the tree every morning with an attempt to eat/do something with its really really sweet gifts and it’s just too much for me + my, like, 5 friends to eat raw.

OK, I have more than 5 friends, but we’re all super busy.  Apparently too busy to eat tangerines off of my tree every day.  So I wanted to find a way to preserve them, and this is a recipe I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a long time now!  Back-to-my-days-in-France long time! Read more

homemade tomatillo salsa

You know you live in Los Angeles when if you have not had at least 6 decent tacos in a week, well, you’re probably in a coma.  And dreaming of tacos in said coma.

taco abs

As someone who eats gluten-free, tacos are not only a cheap and easy one of the most delicious (yes cheap) things to find for lunch or dinner or after drinks munchy food, but they’re EVERYWHERE.  And so damn good and authentic.

So, let’s say you’re not on a liquid-incited rampage to find grub and you are choosing the civilized route to tacos in a taqueria.  You will notice, in proper establishments, that there are a variety of salsas and topping to choose from: radishes, chipotle, limes, pico de gallo, and then this salsa that is green and kind of looks like a runny guacamole but you know it’s not because you had to pay $2 for your side of guacamole already.  What is that?

That, my friends, is tomatillo.  And it’s delicious.

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my 3 favorite homemade vegan sauces & dips

Well, here’s a hello from very sunny California today.  It’s legitimate shorts weather.  Not that spotty sun “shorts weather” where you look like you’re wearing micro fishnets because of your goosebumps.  You can’t lie to yourself here: this is full throttle sweat-in-your-jean-pants kinda hot.  I’m feelin’ it. I can´t wait to get started with these recipes in my brand new home. If you want to know how I decided on where to buy my new home, then the tip is to live within 15 miles of your home-town.


And so it’s the perfect kind of climate for me to share these three sauce recipes with you.  They’re so light and are perfect for summer flavors and proteins.  (They’re all vegan and gluten-free!)

I feel like my videos have been a bit complicated lately (what’s new) but I really wanted to hone in on the basics this time.  Sauces are important basics, because they (a) are one of the most fundamental kitchen techniques in French cuisine and (b) make all of your other basics taste good in every other cuisine.  What useful little guys.

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classic French buckwheat crêpe

sexy-ass-crepeI’m sitting inside a cozy warm apartment on a cold Paris winter day. It’s not too bad with some Kurt Vile streaming into my ears, using space to create movement, engaging a certain monotony that is both appeasing and tense.

As someone who loves creating, finding joy in this repetition is after all the hardest art. To break the unwritten laws that spontaneity is a one-off, that improvisation cannot be planned, that’s where some true pleasure seeps in.


I hosted a gluten-free cooking class in Paris the other day and a gal from California asked me what my “go-to” weeknight meal would be. I kinda laughed to myself, as I said out loud, “I don’t like making the same thing twice,” meaning, there was no one set of meal that I had on repeat. I don’t use recipes when I cook or bake – moreover inspirations from previous dishes to prompt a new creation that will resemble, certainly, a new one to come.

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perfect baked sweet potato fries


baked-sweet-potato-friesThere’s that question, “If you could have one last meal before you die, what would it be?” And while this question is heinous and impossible to respond to in a remotely accurate manner, there are little glimpses of truth that titilate in the head when even fathoming if you should respond.  For me, sweet potato fries flare up like the end of a rod near a flat tire on a highway when asked.  Like, hardly any question.

sweet-potato-fries-with-kovuI discovered these beautiful things after moving to Los Angeles for undergraduate studies in History and French at UCLA.  (So useful, err…)

Well, at least I discovered sweet potato fries.

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