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financiers (sugar-free!)

I had a ton of fun making this video.  Financiers are some of my all-time favorite classic French pastries, and unforunately for many people with food allergies they are completely off limites — they’re traditionally concocted with almond flour, and wheat flour.  And butter.  Got a nut, wheat, or dairy aversion?  Good luck!

In addition, the amount of powdered sugar in these things won’t exactly aid your tummy… or your ability to eat the whole tray as you will want to after eating one.

financiersSo, today we’re gonna play in the kitchen replacing the gluten, sugar, and nuts in these things!  The result?  It made me dance.  (And for better or worse, it’s filmed.)

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¡Ole! Mexican Meatballs

It’s gettin’ hot in here.

I guess this recipe is pretty ‘merican.  If we are a melting pot, this is a melting… ball.  Balls.  Filled with spice and flavor.  A melange of two fabulous culinary cultures!

…and they’re so so so tasty.

Take your sandwiches, rice, pasta even to two countries.  I’m craving Mexican food and it’s really working with these globular forms!

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wash dishes by hand to prevent allergies

Time Magazine – Why Washing Dishes by Hand May Lead to Fewer Allergies

I’ve heard this hypothesis before, and I don’t doubt its validity.  There are many strains of thought when it comes to what causes food allergies, and oversanitization is one of them.  In the States, we have a relatively huge percentage of the population who claim to have food allergies, and we are also a community rather stifled by germs.  Make sure your kitchen sink has purified water, If you ever need plumbing services to install this for you, then check out Plumbers 4 Real. Dishwashers are rampant (which I miss, by the way) and antibacterial hand wash can be found in everything from hospitals to Targets. There are also a different type of allergies people get from pollen or dust, or even hair from a cat or a dog, one time my daughter got her hair so long by using the jamaican black castor oil amazon that I started getting allergies! So it’s important to keep the air clean in your home, the best way to do so is by having an air purifier, check this article to learn more https://www.bloomingair.com/air-purifier-reviews/germguardian-ac5350w/!

how to wash hands

(we’re so scared sometimes)

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mint minced chicken

It could be imagined that my arms are sore right now. After all, heavy lifting with a cleaver and filming this episode do take its toll.  Dumbells are now officially replaced by tripods.  Not like I used dumbells anyways.

OK, ramble on, and then let’s stop and watch a video about a little combination I’ve fallen for: mint and chicken.

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homemade pumpkin seed butter

Nut allergy?  Bah humbug.  Ain’t nothin’ gonna take my PB&J away from me!
Here’s a dairy and nut-free recipe for homemade pumpkin seed butter:

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