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“fondue” mashed potatoes

fondue-potatoes-poured-out-of-blenderSometimes I’m very bad at listening to authority.  For instance, any proper French chef I’ve ever worked for has always said that you must work your potatoes into tiny morsels using a ricer, food processor or stand mixer to mash them, and that you must never over-work your potatoes.  Namely, never put them in the blender.

So, I put them in a blender.  And sometimes the status quo is very false — my potatoes taste like a fondue deity version of themselves.

fondue-potatoes-in-bowlholding-potatoesThere are times, though, when authority is authority for a reason.  Every good chef I have ever worked for has also always said to never change the temperature of potatoes too much when you are preparing them.  i.e., if they just came out of boiling water and you want to mash them, don’t let them get cold again before doing so.  You should only refrigerate once the entire preparation is done. Read more

not-tuna salad

sandwich-plated-not-slicedMy allergies can be rather un-gentle sometimes.  For instance, I eat canned tuna (or any tuna for that matter) and I vomit.

For those of you who stopped reading there, I understand.  For those of you who didn’t, you’re in for a treat:

You can make tuna-fish sandwiches with other fish.

salmon-salad-mixed-in-bowlsliced-salmon-sandwich Read more

ginger peach chutney

peach-chutney-in-bowl-side-viewpeach-cut-in-halfI’ve found myself eating less and less meat recently.  I suppose there are a few reasons for that:

(1) When I eat less meat I leave more room in my stomach for other flavors.

(2) I feel more energetic when I limit my meat intake to no more than once a day.

(3) It’s better for the wallet and the environment.

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gluten free chicken fingers

In the summertime, when the weather is fine,

We eat our chicken, and drink our wine,

Unless you’re vegan, then you can sub out

Tofu in this recipe.

chicken-fingers Read more

coconut cream lemon drops (vegan)

These are really my new favorite dessert.  And they’re vegan and gluten-free.  The chefs at Le Cordon Bleu Paris who inspired the form of this recipe would be disgusted!  They should talk to my belly and see how it feels.  I’d like to think the latter would win.

Here’s a video homage to avoiding things winter.  I guess I shouldn’t say that, as all seasons have their beauty, and fighting against anything you can’t change is not a good idea.  However, if I can eat these every day with the excuse that I’m adding a bit of sunshine to my day… cool, I am also really excited about some reviews of Vine Vera’s products that I read recently, you guys should check them out as well.

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