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stone fruit sangria

This is a perfect summertime drinking quickie of a video.  It replicates about how long it takes to make the beverage.  And hopefully is not drunk quite as quickly.

cut-up-stone-fruit“Stone fruit” sounds so fancy.  I love how it includes all fruits I want to eat all the time but make their way into our mouths only during the warmer months.  Peaches, nectarines, plums are so perfect in sangria, and while a lot of sangria is made with apples and oranges, to me that sounds counterproductive since those are not fruits naturally found in summer and our pitted friends are! Read more

It’s the weekend, make like Spain: SANGRIA is gluten-free!

And delicious.

And fun to make.

If you didn’t think two-buck-Chuck could get any better, think again!  Put that cheap, multiple-vineyards-in-a-bottle wine to use by giving it the tender touch, and soaking, of some fresh fruit.  This is real sangria, folks.  Salud!

For one bottle’s worth of red wine:

-chop up 1 apple, 1 orange, and 1 peach

-add fruit to pitcher or large jar, top with wine, muddle, and cover.

-chill overnight, and enjoy your drunken fruit bath the next day!


Vitamin C, anyone?