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chocolate ginger eclairs! (gluten&dairy free)

The joyyyyyy.  We had a visitor in the Bubble Child kitchen the other day, none other than the lovely Katie Quinn from the youtube channel qkatie.  She wanted something “Parisian”, so certainly my heart skipped to eclairs.

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cutting board basics

I love it when my gorgeous wooden cutting board gets all moldy and purple-green from having cut filet mignon on it.

Oh, wait, I don’t.  And I don’t know the last time I made filet mignon at home, either.  So… (odd silence)

Here’s a video to avoid everything that just happened in this post.


broccoli tortillas (paleo & GF)

The two recipe videos we’ve done so far in March have been my cup of tea.  Cake, and now tacos.  Miam miam green heaven.

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CANDIDA ALBICANS & low-glycemic desserts

coconut-flourWhy, oh why, should we care about the glycemic levels of our foods?  When I was young(er) I fathomed it was more linked to type 2 diabetes and waist lines.  Turns out, having a high level of sugar in your blood stream is a lot more than that. If you have diabetes, you should check out this diabetes specialist tampa.

A problem I recently encountered, and a very un-fun one that results from having too much sugar and caffeine is an overgrowth of yeast in the intestines, called candida albicans.  It’s a pretty brutal thing to rid yourself of, and after 6 months of eating a virtually sugar and caffeine-free diet (no booze, no booze ahhhh) I am now on a round of anti-fungals to hopefully knock it out.  Fingers super crossed.

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pumpkin seed butter brussel sprout salad

plated-choux-right-sideI’ve had a few variations of shaved brussel sprout salads at different phases of my culinary life. It all started working at an Italian Tratorria in Greenwich Village, with one of the unwavering menu staples being a simple shaved brussel sprout salad with olive oil, parmesan cheese, ground pepper, and a walnuts for those who don’t carry around EpiPens.

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