bubble child the cook book

Bubble Child, the cook book, was started in 2009 after I recently graduated from UCLA.  As someone living with deadly food allergies, and having created my own substitutions for “taboo” foods, I wanted to share these recipes with others.

It’s funny, because in creating this cook book I realized that I had a gluten intolerance.  I was preparing the “Gluten Bubble”, it was named at the time, and it was in cutting out gluten for a few weeks doing the recipes that I noticed a remarkable difference in the way I felt and digested.  Another list of ingredients I can’t eat?  Nooooo.

Turns out it hasn’t been that bad.  This book clearly took me longer than the year I thought it would, and it has grown with me through career changes, becoming a professional chef, and now is polished clean in its revised first edition.  As a professional chef with many foods I cannot eat, I am hoping to bring a little taste of the restaurant, mixed with home cooking, to you.

With consideration for all common dietary requests, vegan, egg-free, lactose-free, shellfish sensitivities, consider Bubble Child your guide for every meal of the day in a safe way.

I love food, and there is no way I would consume anything subpar of delicious.  I’d frankly rather skip the meal.  So, don’t count of eating anything that even mildly resembles cardboard here.

Happy appetite.  (franglais, anyone?)  Cheers!

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